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Important Update
****************************************************************************************************************************************** eRecon Server is being delinked from Internet as per Security Advisory from C&IS Directorate.
eRecon will continue on Railnet. Please advise your Officers/Staff. PFA-WR

Submission of Preliminary Account Current for and to end of Mar-2019 - Railway Board's Letter dated 18-03-2019
Submission of Supplementary-I for and to end of Mar-2019 - Railway Board's Letter dated 09-04-2019


Changes in eRecon-Phase II Click here to see Railway Board's letter
Changes in eRecon-Phase II Click here to see the FLow of TC

Interest TC's - Board's Letter Click here to see the letter
No Annual Reconciliation meeting - Board's Letter Click here to see the letter

ERECON MIGRATION TO IPAS - Letter To PFAs All India Railways, PUs Click here to see the letter


TC Forcing:
List of Forced TCs(Supplementary) for Mar-2019 (26-04-2019) Click here to see the List
List of Forced BULK ORDER TCs(Supplementary) for Mar-2019 (27-04-2019) Click here to see the List

New onscreen Report ALLOCATION WISE EXPENDITURE available under Reports option
Railway Master Click here to download
Account Unit Master Click here to download
Demand Detail Master Click here to download
eRecon TimeTable

eRecon Time Schedules

Schedule for March 2012 - Know the detailed Schedule

Recent Changes

Recent Changes and Activities

Release 1.2.4- January 24, 2012.
1. Approval of Cash TC rejection now with JA Grade user.
2. ML and Account reconciliation statement now has destination units.
3. TCs have been forced for Dec 2011. Click to get list. They are now available for JV making. Check JV dates.
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Forced TC and JV

Forced TCs and JVs

Here is the list of forced TCs and JVs for the latest month - Feb 2012(2011-12).
TCs are forced every month end and JVs are forced every quarter end.
Normally TCs are forced between 20th and end of the month. The user should check the details of forced TCs and JVs from the TC and JV register and match with their monthly listings in case of TCs and JV register in case of JVs. Account Reconciliation Report also needs to checked with these figures. .....Know more
Click here to see the list.

Important Letters

Important Letters

Some Important Letters regarding eRecon
1. Review meeting at eRecon at C-TARA from 27-29 Jan, 2012
2. Power of TCs and JVs approval
3. DFA, Railway Board's letter of August 02, 2011
4. Railway Board's letter regarding Actual Account Current of Sep-2011
5. Letter of DFA, Railway Board for April 2011 accounts

Some Statistics

Some Interesting Statistics

barcharts 1. Cash Uploaded vis-a-vis TCs generated | Download Complete Statistics - xls
2. TCs accepted-Aug-Nov 2011 | Download Complete Statistics -xls
3. TC-JV made and forced-Aug-Nov 2011 | Download Complete Statistics - xls

What not to do

What you should not do in eRecon

1. Do not attach blank attachment or meaningless attachments. Verify.
2. Do not wait for JVs to be forced.
3. Do not wait for the last dates of schedules to begin work.
4. Do not return TCs on superficial grounds.
5. The login details are being recorded. Please use the system reasonably.

What is eRecon

about eRecon is a web based programme which allows accounting units to transfer transactions, both inter and intra railway and monitor those transactions, generate Journal Vouchers, settle accounts, Learn more

Time Schedules in eRecon

abouteRecon works on the principle of time schedules for different activities. Certain activities like Uploading Cash Book, Generating TCs, Preparation of JVs, Accepting TCs etc following a calender.Actions are permitted only Learn more

Cycle of eRecon

about eRecon visualizes a cycle of transactions of taking data from FMIS (Financial Management Information System) to a eRecon portal for settlement of transactions. The settled transactions then are ported back to local FMIS, Learn more

Picture Gallery

There are some important events which have been captured on Camera in eRecon. Click here to to see the pictures. See Gallery

Message Board

eRecon provides for a mesage and Discussion Board for the users, units and Railways to interact.

Click here to go to Message Board

Use EreconHow to reconcile the TCs and JVs
After you click the Login, you are greeted withe a login page. Use you User Id and Password and either click GO or hit enter button on keyboard. This will take you the main page which will load the content specific to you and your unit. The Interface is divided into two parts Left Pane and the right Pane.
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Alt text to go here Process of Forcing of TCs and JVs:
Under the Scheme of eRecon, at the end of month or nearing the end of the month, TCs are forced on which action has not been taken. This process is done every month. All the TCs.
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