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What is eRecon?

eRecon is web based portal for reconciling transfer transactions across Railways. eRecon offers a platform to transact. The portal offers users across Indian Railways to send and recieve transfer certificates, make journal vouchers and use the transactions of eRecon to settle their accounts.
The system of eRecon works on the basis of cash book upload by picking two allocations; transfer division (008782) and transfer railways (008797). The transaction on the cash book are differentiated on the basis of these allocations. The system also sits on a workflow. The TCs are approved by supervisor. The TCs appear in the login the same corresponding login of the recieving user as in teh sending unit. For example, if PFSUP of one unit has send the TC, it will appear in the PFSUP of recieving unit. The action over the TCs can be taken by action items pane, which belong to the user. The left pane showing outward, inward and reports belong to the unit as a whole. From the left pane only cash file can be uploaded, manual voucher entry can be made and TCs can be generated.
eRecon does not cater to Transfer Capital and Transfer Revenue. It is understood that there are no financial trigger for these transactions and hence cannot be part of eRecon.
eRecon also offer facility to make Journal Vouchers with suitable validations.The system also offers a facility to download FMS data and port it back in local FMIS systems like AFRES, iTASS, iPASS, TASS or any other system.
The system also offers various reports in the form of TC and JV registers, TC and JV reports, Monthly listing of TCs, Final reconciliation reports, Reconciliation reports etc. These can be used to match the transactions and reconcile accounts.
The sytesm also offers certain monitoring tools so that the units and users can keep pace with what has come in what has gone out. The monitoring reports are TC-JV waiting for action report, Account reconciliation statement and TC register. These can be used to track TCs and JVs and see where they are lying.
The system also offers an advanced search which can used to trace transactions. The journey of TC can also be seen by clicking TC details in the bottom pane.