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Before Using eRecon
There are certain things one must know before using eRecon. They are:

  1. The hadware requirement shall be a computer with a browser, preferably Internet Explorer 7. if you have internet enabled on the computer you can find Internet Explorer 7 from this site. If you do not have internet access, you can download from here. The explorer file is compressed to RAR format. You can download RAR decompressor from here.

  2. Before one starts working on eRecon, user id and passwords need to be created. They can be created by the unit administrator and who will assing suitable privileges. To begin with, certain basic IDs have been created. The details of these are available in the Help Document.

  3. Data upload is a critical activity. If you are uploading cash data from AFRES, please use this form for data extraction. This form should be attached to the AFRES (in Books or some other module as the case may be). It will get the cash data from AFRES in the designated format and will be ready for upload.

  4. eRecon is meant for transfer transactions and not for Transfers Railway Revenu and Transfer Railway Capital. Internal check of tranfer transactions is also NOT within its scope.

  5. Under eRecon certain reports like JV reports shall only be accessible after a process is run. This process can be run by unit administrator. When the process shall be run, will be adivsed in due course of time.

  6. If you have issues and seek remote help, you can install TeamViewer (free version) and seek help from help desk by giving them userid and password which shall appear on your screen. Download TeamViewer from here.

  7. You can also use Mozilla Firefox, you can download and install Firefox (free version) Download Mozilla Firefox from here.
  8. The browser which is most suitable is Google Chrome. Click here to download Google Chrome

User IDs of various Units across Railways
The user IDs have been created with certain naming convention in mind. Though there may be variances but they generally follow Railways Name follwed by sectoin and then the role like clerk, supervisor etc.

Transfer Allocations or Railways and their Units
Every Railway and their units operate a unique transfer Railway and Transfer DIvision head. They help eRecon in distinguishing between transactions and keep the track.

AU Type: D-Division, W-Workshop, C-Construction, T-Traffic Accounts, H-Headquarter

Railway Board and COFMOW Show

Central Railway Show

East Coast Railway Show

East Central Railway Show

Eastern Railway Show

North Central Railway Show

North Eastern Railway Show

North Frontier Railway Show

Northern Railway Show

North Western Railway Show

Railway Electrification Show

South Central Railway Show

South East Central Railway Show

South Eastern Railway Show

Southern Railway Show

South Western Railway Show

West Central Railway Show

Western Railway Show

MTP Show

Production Units Show