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Forcing of TCs and JVs in eRecon

eRecon provides for forcing of TCs and JVs. If some TCs have not been suitably acted upon by the unit, then before the month end they are forced by system administrator. When the TCs are forced they are deemed to accepted as sent by the originator. Those TCs which are not approved by the supervisor do not get forced as they have not left the unit and are still waiting for approval to go to relevant unit. After the forcing of TCs, an action item is availble with the clerk of the section which had recieved the TC for making the JV. The TCs are normally forced between the 20th to end of the month. TCs are forced every month.

Unlike TCs, JVs are forced at the end of every quarter. The JVs are forced with Deposits and MAX depending upon the nature of TCs If a JV is lying for approval, the head which has been indicated in the entry are used to force the JVs. Forcing of JV is only resorted to as a measure to keep the TD and TC nil at the end of quarter month.