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Contact Details:

Telephone Support

Uttam Mahato, JE/IT: +91-8452098998, 090-22738 (Railway)

Sikandar Yadav, JE/IT: +91-9096428612, 090-22398 (Railway)

Anil Kumar Verma, JE/IT: +91-9833613303, 090-23169 (Railway)

Kishore Parab, SE/IT: +91-9004441131, 090-23286 (Railway)

Ravi Kumar, M/s. Exilant: +91-9900265398


Support by email.

Uttam Mahato, JE/IT:

Sikandar Yadav, JE/IT:

Anil Kumar Verma, JE/IT:

Kishore Parab, SE/IT:

Ravi Kumar, M/s. Exilant:

Sr.EDPM, Western Railway:

In addition to above users can share their issues, find solution to their problems etc on the Message and Feeddback Board.